Speaking/Laughter Clubs

Laughter Clubs –
Kids Laugh 400 times per day…………….adults laugh only 10 – 15 times per day.

Pam Moody, proprietor of ACTS Entertainment is a Certified Laughter Leader through the World Laughter Tour receiving certification in February, 2007.

Having fought a long hard battle with clinical depression in her own life and conquering it a decade ago, she has turned her life around partially by the addition of humor in her daily life.

Healthy, non-ridiculing laughter promotes social connection and provides physiological, psychological and spiritual benefits you probably never realized or imagined. Everyone is born with the gift of laughter. Children remember this gift and use it without reserve, but when we grow-up we start to take things more seriously and forget how to use those gifts we were so generously given. Set yourself free from this seriousness during one her Laughter sessions and realize the benefits of living laughter.

Pam would welcome the opportunity to lead your group’s Laughter Class!

Pam Moody is an Official Affiliate of the World Laughter Tour. Laughter Clubs and Certified Laughter Leaders (CLL) use methods based on the work of World Laughter Tour, Inc. and are registered with the World Laughter Tour, Inc. CLLs have been professionally trained and agree to abide by the ethical guidelines

Teaching / Lecturing –
Pam Moody is available to lecture to groups of all sizes.

She is a notable instructor in the arts and skills of clowning as well as for innovative public education programs for safety professionals. She also presents fun and educational presentations on the value of humor in the workplace and your lives.

A few groups she has presented to includes:
University of Wisconsin Clown Camp; LaCrosse, WI
Hawkeye State Fire Conference; Des Moines, IA
Kentucky Clown Derby; Louisville, KY
Illinois State Fire Inspectors, Galena; IL
Circus Magic, Roanoke, VA
S.M.I.L.E. (Safety Magic In Law Enforcement); Scottsdale, AZ
Show Me Clowns For Jesus; Camdenton, MO
Iowa Fire Service Training Bureau; Ames, IA
Clowns of America International (COAI); Springfield, MO
World Clown Association (WCA); Orlando, FL
Wisconsin State Fire Inspectors; Wausau, WI
Arizona Fire and Burn Education Assn; Bullhead City, AZ
Mid American Characterization Conference; Des Moines, IA
Victoria British Columbia Life and Fire Safety Conference, Victoria BC, CA
……many more